NASIG 2013 has ended

The North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG) is an independent organization that promotes communication, understanding, and sharing of ideas among all members of the serials information community.


Les Hawkins

Library of Congress
CONSER Coordinator
Washington DC

Les Hawkins is coordinator of the CONSER program at the Library of Congress since 2003. CONSER is the Cooperative Serials Program of the PCC, an authoritative source for bibliographic records, documentation, and training materials for serials cataloging. In preparation for the implementation of RDA, he set up the CONSER Standard Record Task Group to make recommendations for Program decisions on developing CONSER Standard Record Guidelines within the context of RDA. He served on the PCC Task Group on Hybrid Integrating Resource Records and the PCC Task Group on Hybrid Bibliographic Records to develop guidelines for the post-implementation period. As part of his duties in the Cooperative and Instructional Program Division at Library of Congress (LC), Les was involved with RDA course development and instruction for Library of Congress catalogers.  During 2012-2013, he helped CONSER reach agreement on a CONSER RDA core element set and the development of “bridge” training for serials catalogers transitioning from AACR2 to RDA. Les is a contact for answering cataloging questions from RDA serials catalogers at LC and helps maintain the PCC RDA Frequently Asked Questions web page for the Program for Cooperative Cataloging.